New Times Best of 2014

The 2014 New Times Reader’s Choice awards are here!

Awards season can always carry a surprise, and this year’s 2014 New Times Reader’s Choice is no different! While Kapow! strives to create a great experience, we are just pleased to be listed as New Times 2014 Best Chinese Restaurant! Before you start in – we know. We may not be a traditionally authentic Chinese restaurant, but apparently you’re ok with that, because we were nominated by readers who then voted us to the top! So…. we’re keeping it and you’re stuck with us!

The award for 2014’s Best Bartender has been awarded to our very own Angela Dugan! She’s been busy this year crafting specialty drinks for Kapow’s award winning Sunday Brunch, winning competitions, as well as crafting low impact cocktails. If you haven’t allowed Angela to make you one of her signature cocktails, then get on it!




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This holiday season, give the gift that lets your friends keep on eating!