Kapow Bloody Mary


ABSOLUT® Vodka and CHOPPED are on the search for the country’s best Bloody Mary and the bartenders who create them. Finalists will be brought to NYC to shake, stir and pour the spiciest, most elaborate and delicious bloodies in the 50 states. Kapow’s unique bloody mary creation, aptly named the “ASIAN PERSUASION” has been accepted into the competition and is ready for your vote. We kindly ask for your vote to send Kapow to a National stage to be judged by the folks from Chopped at the Food Network New York City Wine and Food Festival in October.

We’re really proud and honored to announce that Kapow! bartender Angela Dugan has created an amazing bloody mary called the “ASIAN PERSUASION” for Kapow! Noodle Bar to enter into the Food Network’s “BEST BLOODY MARY BRUNCH” and we’re currently in the #3 spot in all of Florida!!

In order for us to have a shot, we need to catapult the Asian Persuasion to #1 in the state. I kindly ask for you to help send Kapow! and this amazing cocktail to NYC to represent us on a National stage.

If Kapow! wins the “Voting Phase”, we’ll be going to NYC to compete against the country’s best and judged by the judges from the Food Network show CHOPPED.

It only takes a quick second and would mean the world to us.
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  2. Be sure to Vote for ASIAN PERSUASION

We only have until this Saturday 9/14, so vote now! (please… and thank you)

Feeling Confident? Make it home! 




  • 1.5 Parts ABSOLUT PEPPAR
  • 4 Parts Kapow Bloody Mary “Mix” (Thai Basil, Black Pepper & Tomato Shrub. Add rice vinegar, fermented soy sauce, Red Boat Fish Sauce, Fresh Juiced Ginger)
  • 2 Pinches Salt
  • 2 Pinches Togarashi spice blend 1 garnish Pork Gyoza (dumpling)
  • 1 garnish Pickled Togarashi spiced Shishitou Pepper
  • 1 garnish Thai Basil

  • Rim 10 oz glass with a blend of togarashi spice and sea salt
  • Fill with ice Add 1.5 ounces of ABSOLUT PEPPAR
  • Fill with Kapow bloody mary mix and garnish and serve
  • Garnish with skewer of Fried Gyoza & Pickled Shishitou Pepper
  • Garnish with stem of Thai Basil

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